Brand Social. | Shorty Produkshins is Social Branding, Public Relations and Design Strategies
THROWBACK: International Money- "M.O.E.E.F" Listening THROWBACK: Jackpot Giving Shoutouts in the Shorty Produkshins Booth THROWBACK: "I Gatchu" Pittsburgh's Jackpot Introduces a Summer Jam! THROWBACK:Jackpot in the Shortys Playground / Shorty Produkshins Booth Freestyling THROWBACK: Big Biz at the Shortys Playground Studio in Pittsburgh, PA THROWBACK: June at Shorty's Playground Freestyle, Writing, and Beat Making Session PART 3 THROWBACK:Blaq Adonis in Shorty Produkshins' Shorty's Playground with Mz Shorty P and June  THROWBACK:ShortyProdukshins Shorty's Playground Shoutouts to Pittsburgh, New Kensington and Swirley THROWBACK:Shorty Produkshins/ Shorty's Playground Freestyle, Writing, and Beat Making Session PART 2 THROWBACK: Shorty Produkshins Shorty's Playground Writing, Beats, Freestyle Session and Collabo. THROWBACK: T. Mill of Xodus Productions gets with Shorty Produkshins THROWBACK: Droop Pt. 2 Thug Holocaust Adlibs Shorty Produkshins 2005 THROWBACK: Droop- Thug Holocaust 2005, Shorty Produkshins Crissanji of CROSSOVAH Ent. at RFT2 | Refreshed Thursday Throwbacks Playas Mob Radio Flowlife | Punxsy Plugged-In Prelude Event 2015 Punxsy Plugged-in Music Experience 2015 Prelude Event 104.1 WPXZ Interview | Punxsy Plugged-in Prelude Event 2015
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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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