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2010 Shorty Produkshins- Promotion's Web, SEO, SEM and Social Branding

Shorty Produkshins has what has been dubbed a "Promotions Web" by Jessica Abraham, founder of the company. A Promotions Web is the 2010 version of a barter marketplace. Each brand has something to offer the other brand without the need for monetary compensation, as this will come through lent and traded "favors." Through the Promotions Web, client brands of Shorty Produkshins have the opportunity to sponsor each other and/or become a sponsor of a particular company in exchange of Word of Mouth and Promotional Interests.

This may be made through contest prizes, giveaways, or services traded amongst one another, saving marketing budgets from major expenses and gaining new found exposure in the process. The Promotions Web also includes those that can help build a brand's appearance on the web, and in general, at low costs and great qualities (i.e. Photographers, Videographers, Producers, etc.).

This video also talks about Search Engine Optimization, Social Branding, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords, Facebook Ads and MySpace.

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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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