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Leave an Impression through Persona.

An essential plan of attack to most brands of today, more and more companies are adopting the principles of Social Branding. More than just an ideology or trend in Marketing, Social Branding is actually a very effective means of promotion for brands on the web. While Shorty Produkshins continuously drives home the mission of branding social, we remind you that it is awareness, loyalty and tenure that bring long term success to any brand. From personalized engagement to direct and customized Market Research, Social Branding molds an imprint of personality for the brand, while catering to the direct desire of new and existing consumers and providing ongoing customer satisfaction to the end user.

Shorty Produkshins has designed the ultimate Social Branding experience in delivering your brand to target markets around the globe. Social Branding is needed by nearly every brand in today's evolving Global Marketplace and is detrimental to the brand's success over time. What do potential consumers think of your brand, based on presence? This is something you must take into consideration in entering each and every day, as part of the World’s everchanging economies. Are you taking advantage of all potential marketing sector, and are you maximizing your return on each transaction? Let us examine your current plan of action and sweeten the temptation for the target consumer.




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    Professional Biography
Article Writing
Press Release
Social Media Releases
Social Presence Copywriting
Organic SEO via Written Content
Brand Blogging
E-mail Correspondance
Web Press Kit
Local Media Releases
Interaction with Potential Consumers
Reputation Monitorying & Execution
Cross Promotion & Placement
Web Copy (for Websites)
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Strategic Partnership Contact
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Customized Customized
Routine Ongoing
Routine Ongoing
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Yes Yes
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No Yes
SINGLE PAGE (basic) SINGLE PAGE (complex)
Yes Yes
To Commence Ongoing
Yes Yes
*Flyer Designs and Branding Options Available.

Discounts and Special Rates may be available.

Why is Archetyping so Important?

Have you ever heard of an Archetype? An Archetype is the type of personification you give to your brand and/or BrandYou when appealing to specific target markets. This should become the perception of that persona serving the basis of marketing initiatives in the eyes of your masses. For example, your brand may seek to help or empower others, especially in the medical and counseling-related fields. If this is the case for your brand, it would archetype that of a Caregiver, while a fire department’s persona may equate to that of being a Hero. An actor that only appears in comedies may portray his persona as a Joker, while Mountain Dew may be characterizd as the Rebel or Risktaker. The point is, giving your brand a persona allows audiences to feel closer to your brand, trust it, understand its story and find loyalty in it. At this point, a consumer will sympathize with your brand as if it were an actual person -- mentor -- or friend! This sounds crazy, but it works!

Shorty Produkshins understands the importance of Archetyping in reaching the masses and while engaging them within interactive and personalized experiences and leading the core of the consumer's interests. We brand your brand by embedding these tactics into the minds of the consumer and appealing to their needs, instigating a furthered need of adopting your brand and sharing your brand with friends, family and the World! They say the hardest form of marketing to achieve is that of Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing. But, many don't understand that branding and archetyping is the very first and most important step!

We add Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques, in taking your brand to Social Platforms (allowing it to mingle with the crowd), to the equation, and you will find a rewarding ROI (Return on Investment) in your pockets! Social Branding Packages are available on a Monthly Basis, in both "Basic Needs" Packaging and "Superstar" Packaging. Although priced at a much higher rate, "One-Time Jumpstart" Packagings are also available upon request. Pricing is based for "One-Times" varies based on criteria of budget and scope. All packages are customizable to fit the exact needs of your brand. Please inquire within.

 More Information on Social Branding Packages:

  • Non Disclosures available in confidence for outsourcing agencies and venues requiring Design Strategies services (NDA assignments require additional fees).
  • Other Discounts & Specials available for those who qualify.
  • Brand-specific Social Media/Network accounts will be created, whereas no previou exist.
  • Higher rates apply for access to the pre-production processes. 










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