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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more. Shorty Productions.

Resume Writing.

We now offer professional resume writing services to compliment your journey toward a dream career. Think about it like this: A professionally written resume, optimized with marketing strategy and keyword optimization… That’s exactly what you need to get in front of your future employer and entice that employer to choose YOU, as opposed to the competition.

Today, most initial talent acquisition is done through a database of applicants, who are submitting for positions even before positions open for employment. By the time an employer is in need of a particular role to be fulfilled, there are already 250-300 applicants on average that are competing for that position. This is why a system called ATS that has been set in place.

ATS is essentially what it stands for: “Applicant Tracking System.” These tracking systems are similar to SEO in search engine optimization strategies used in Internet Marketing strategies. Keyword strategies are essential to getting YOUR resume selected for the pull and so that Human Resources departments and Project Managers will personally see your resume over those hundreds of others.

Once your resume is in the hand of decision makers, we want to make it visually appealing, well-read and mouthwatering. Our goal is to take your current mediocre resume and make it better… your no-resume and create one… your amazing resume and optimize it.

Shorty Produkshins professionals have been involved in the resume writing service for quite some time now and have worked on the resumes of some very prominent people through NDA during contracted agency projects with some of the Industry’s top Job Search companies. We bring our level of expertise to your job search and work hard to bring you great results!

Priced very competitively and much lower than many other resume writing services, Shorty Produkshins offers many options, including editing, rewrites and proofreading of resumes at prices MUCH lower than competitor pricing. We have an alternative option that is NOT offered by competitors, which includes graphically designed resumes that leave a lasting impression.





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Packages | On Sale Pricing

     Once you select a package, we will redirect you to a questionaire and form for completing your resume. You may also e-mail previous resumes to  You will receive the first draft of your resume within 48-hours and will have up to 7 days to request revisions.



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Our Services


Average Competitor

    Resume with Two (2) Revisions
w/Cover Letter
w/Cover Letter, ASCII & Social Media Format
All Formats + Linked-in Profile Content
All Formats + Linked-in AND Facebook 
Resume Proofreading
Resume Edit (No Formatting or Optimization)
Resume Edits (Formatting)
24-Hour Rush Delivery
Cover Letter
Thank You/Follow-up Letter
Professional Biography
CVs/Military/Federal Resumes
Graphically Designed Resume



$100/48-Hr Turnaround $189/72-Business Hrs
$110/48-Hr Turnaround $249/72-Business Hrs
$150/48-Hr Turnaround $350/72-Business Hrs
$165/48-Hr Turnaround $389/72-Business Hrs
$175/48-Hr Turnaround NON-EXISTENT
$25 $50
$75/ONE REVISION/ 48-Hr  $99/NO REVISIONS/ 72-BizHr
$50 $125/25-BizHr
$25 $95
$25 $80
$125 $180
$150 $250-500

*We are actually outsourced BY our MAJOR competitors!...     

Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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