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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more. Shorty Productions.

Public Relations.
Bringing positive awareness to the forefront of your brand.

Whether you are in need of a full time publicist or someone to handle your press, you definitely want to reach out to Shorty Produkshins. Shorty Produkshins offers Public Relations Servicing to those who seek Copywriting and Brand Awareness items on an "as-needed" basis. Not everyone has it in their budget to include an intense Social Branding Package; and some have a successful presence already. Whatever the reason may be, Shorty Produkshins provides individual servicing to those seeking professionally written and persuasive copy in the form of Press Releases, Social Media Releases, Sales Pitching, Professional Biographies, Brand Blogging, and more!

Shorty Produkshins acts as a liason between your brand and Local-to-International media outlets. Let us bring your brand positive review and awareness via traditional and more modern approaches of Advanced Public Relation practices. Through Online Platforms and Social Communities, we target your audiences directly, engaging in immediate conversation with them and gaining valuable feedback in the process, which is then shared with the contacts of those audiences targeted. Through the more traditional approaches, we are providing your brand with excellent copy to use cross-platform, both Off and Online, as well as release of valuable information that will reach Corporate attention and others interested in your brand's products and/or services.

The possibilities do not stop there. Each piece of data is optimized to organically benefit your brand in Search Engines and amongst audiences every where. Whether it is great Copy, Biographies, or Social Media Releases being produced and distributed, the possibilities to link your target audiences with your brand are endless! Get in contact with Shorty Produkshins today for your Public Relations-related needs. Let us be your Publicist!



Need Publicity?
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As Package

    Professional Biography
Article Writing
Press Release
Social Media Releases
Social Presence Copywriting
Organic SEO via Written Content
Brand Blogging
E-mail Correspondance
Web Press Kit
Local Media Releases
Interaction with Potential Consumers
Reputation Monitorying & Execution
Cross Promotion & Placement
Web Copy (for Websites)
Retained Publicist Contact Inquiry
Strategic Partnership Contact
$75 --
$125 --
$100 --
$125 --
$100 --
$100 --
$175 --
$25 $500
$25 $500
$250 --
$150 --
-- $700
-- $700
$200/Page --
-- $1200
-- $1500
*Flyer Designs and Branding Options Available.

Discounts and Special Rates may be available.

More info on Public Relations Packaging:
  • Client is responsible for any and all fees associated with Press Release Distributions, Memberships, Submissions, etc. An additional fee may be incurred for execution of services. These prices are NOT included below.

  • Sponsorship Outreach is a service that seeks and reaches out to potential sponsors in your favor. There is no guarantee that your brand will find sponsorship, as with any company that provides this service, but intense and aggressive attempts are made to acheive sponorship and cross promotional opportunities for your brand.

  • Shorty Produkshins now provides Publicist and Press Point-of-Contact services for your brand at a retainer that includes active and ongoing execution of publicity distribution for you and your brand.

  • Non Disclosures available in confidence for outsourcing agencies and venues requiring Public Relations services.

  • Other Discounts & Specials available for those who qualify.




Publicist Packaging may include the following (and then some!):


  • Modern and Traditional Press
  • Social Media Press Releases
  • Social Presence Copywriting
  • Copywriting
  • Organic SEO via Written Content
  • Brand Blogging
  • Retained Publicist Contact Inquiry
  • Sponsorship Outreach Contact
  • E-mail Correspondance
  • Professional Biographies
  • Web Press Kit
  • Local Media Releases
  • Interaction with Potential Consumers
  • Reputation Monitoring & Execution
  • Web Copy (for Websites)





Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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