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Branding your product visually!

Shorty Produkshins provides your brand with quality, design strategy and implementation. Whether you are looking to create unity for your brand, tell a story, present a user-friendly interface or distribute awareness for your brand, we are here to make your brand shine in the faces of potential consumers everywhere! Deliverables are optimized for search engine placement and for use on the web, as well as for Offline purposes. All content is created to mirror your brand's vision and persona. If you would like to see a few examples of work that Shorty Produkshins has been a part of in the past, click here.

Let us contribute to your brand's over all success using our customized Design Strategies. Whether your brand actually needs branded with logo, color schemes and font styles (presented in a Project Book format to be used as reference when working within the company or for outsourcing purposes) or it needs designs for websites and event flyers, let us help you get the idea across via powerful imagery and color usage.

*From the 21st until the end of every month, Shorty Produkshins offers a sitewide $50 off all graphic services with the use of promo code: "BRANDSOCIAL21-1"


Need Design?
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Per Side (or Each)


Two Sides (or More)

Logo Design
Web EPK (Single Page)
Album Covers
Digital Event Flyers
Physical Event Flyers
DVD Covers
Full Page Advertisements
Web Graphics and Banners
Web Menu
Physical Menu
Business Card Design
Digital Announcement
Web Design w/ Built in Optimization
Mobile App Design
Mobile Web Design
Social Network Design w/ Optimization
$250 --
-- $175 Per Two Pages
$125 $175
$125 $175
-- $150
$125 --
Needs Quoted Needs Quoted
-- $200
-- $175
-- $125
Needs Quoted Needs Quoted
-- $1200
-- $750
-- $500
-- $750

*Discounts May Apply

*Print and Maintenance Available

Why is Quality Design so Important?

Most people do not truely understand the importances of quality design. In a day and age when almost all businesses have some type of brand presence on the web, it becomes even more important to become the most visually appealing possible. As business compete for an audiences hard earned dollar, aesthetics prove extremely important in giving the user a great experiene on the first attempt. After all, first impressions may become the only impressions they receive. Optimizing all content for search engines adds to the value of the over all site and increase page ranks and quality scores within Google when done properly. They also benefit the business owner through rankability within image searches alone. 


Design Strategies include the following (and then some!):
  • Logo Design
  • Web Banners
  • Album Art & Covers
  • DVD Covers
  • Web & Social Network Design
  • Web Graphics
  • Menus & Brochures
  • Flags & Banners

  • Product Packaging
  • Merchandise Design
  • Web Press Kit
  • Business Cards
  • Club & Event Flyers
  • Digital Announcements
  • Photo Editing



 More Information on Design Strategies Packages:

  • Non Disclosures available in confidence for outsourcing agencies and venues requiring Design Strategies services (NDA assignments require additional fees).
  • Other Discounts & Specials available for those who qualify.
  • Project Boards & Mood Boards available for a fee.
  • Higher rates apply for access to the pre-production processes. /span>







Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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