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Shorty Produkshins started as a record label in a two-bedroom apartment and evolved into the Global Internet Marketing Company that it is today!  
Company History.
A story about growth and evolution!

In the last ten years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way we do business, use technology and how we view the Entertainment Industry. According to CNN Money, those working from home, both self-employed (usually as an Independent Contractor) and working for an employer, has risen 41% in this decade, alone. Everyone relies on technology to accomplish their work and career goals. They want to work more effectively, have more freedoms and time to spend elsewhere, while achieving the largest ROI margins possible for their employer and towards self-benefit.

The Entertainment Industry shares this similar story, simultaneous, with innovative technologies leading to the saturation of Independent Artists and home studios. Like smaller businesses, these artists are gauging larger fan bases and gaining larger profits than in the past, especially those who were once signed to a “Major” and had to pay everyone else before collecting their own profits.

With such a drastic change in how business is done and how we operate, we see many opportunities for great success. The downside to success, however is that with it comes struggle and opportunity to fail. One must “get with the program” or fall behind. And, quite unfortunately, just “getting with the program” isn’t enough anymore and one must actually strive to stay ahead of the game in order to avoid “just getting by.” Competitors exist. And, so do a million other businesses unrelated to each other. Brand Awareness is a must, and Social Branding is becoming more and more of a necessity than a demand in today’s world. Enter Shorty Produkshins.

Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic. For the past 10 years, Shorty Produkshins has evolved into the brand that it is today through the always-changing trends in industry, technology -- and of course -- demand. October 2013 marks exactly that. This is the 10th-year Anniversary of Shorty Produkshins.

According to Robert Greene, an award-winning author, in his latest book “The Mastery,” it takes us ten years of repetitive practice, research and fine-tuning of one particular subject in order to find mastery in it. This timespan can be increased or decreased based upon intensity, depth and acceleration in the practices and execution of the subject matter. Shorty Produkshins has started from the bottom and knows first hand what each and every one of their clients are facing along the way, no matter the subtle differences due to separate industries.

Shorty Produkshins started in a weird, yet interesting way. In 2001, founder, Jessica N. Abraham, was to implement a passion of hers into a graduation project for High School. Her passion at the time was MUSIC, nothing more and nothing less, as she engaged with it all her life. In preplanning for the project, a CD Demo, she came into understanding that most Record Labels wouldn’t accept unsolicited submissions and take them seriously (if at all). Hence, the birth of “Shorty Productions.” Short Productions was a fictitious name given to a fictitious company that would lend credibility to “LiL Shorty,” otherwise known as Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan.

This demo brought forth a lot of inspiration, inquiry and success, contrary to the actual “skills” that the artist had. Let’s face it, at age 15, she still had a lot of musical training to go through before being impressive to ears. In early 2003, the graduation project and results from distribution were presented in front of a panel. The years in between were spent researching, recording, releasing music Online (before there were means to do so), bringing Brand Awareness to potential and converted fans, networking and seeking honest feedback on the project ...all done through early Internet Marketing practices. The outcome was the inspiration to continue this process as an actual lifelong career.

At age 17, Jessica N. Abraham enrolled in a college in Orlando, FL for Recording Arts and the sciences behind it. At the time, Full Sail University was the top college for Recording Arts and “Real World Education” on an International level. Migrating from Pennsylvania to Florida, Jessica soon met others that shared her passion for the Music Business. Some of these people were also students at Full Sail, while others were not. This was the beginning of “Shorty Produkshins” and the first year of business.

Shorty Produkshins started as an Independent Record Label with an attached recording studio. The studio, nicknamed “Shorty’s Playground” by late-rapper Demarreo “D-Mo” Matthews, went from a bedroom closet with a single computer to multiple pieces of equipment at a plaza (in Altamonte Springs, FL) to having multiple locations in Orlando, Atlanta and New Kensington, PA. Shorty’s Playground eventually closed doors in 2010, after privatizing completely in 2009.

The label found International success, due to use of the Internet, but on a very “underground” level. There were releases in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, multiple parts of Africa, Canada, Australia, Brazil and other parts of the World. Compilations and mixtape projects were distributed to and widely accepted in these countries, all initially from a home computer in a very basic studio setup.

As mass production of consumer recording equipment intensified and the prices became more affordable to consumers all over the World, the economy of the Recording Industry depreciated, as it also became saturated. Shorty Produkshins found itself evolve into a Productions Company with “a caravan of Producers.” The company sought to supply the demand of “instrumental beats” to audiences far and wide! After all, “everybody and their mama” was a “Rapper” at the time. Unfortunately, these “Rappers” became “Producers,” as well, and were contributing to the declining dollar value of a quality instrumental.

Being that Shorty Produkshins only took a percentage of sales from Producers signed to the label, investments of time and money were not seeing a large enough return for the company to continue this route. Sure, it was very successful in the beginning, as the company has always been known for “selling beats;” but when the company was used to taking 25-50% of the profits from a beat that sold for $1,000 and up and now having to settle for sales ranging between $25-$100, profits were declining rapidly.It was no longer worth the energy.

Jessica N. Abraham, in returning to the drawing board, desperately trying to continue her company’s success in business, decided drastic changes needed to be made. Paying attention to the fact that Shorty Produkshins had been in demand for the care that they continually gave to clients and Shorty Produkshins’ artists and producers, she decided that the “side services” requested were the reason that a majority of this demand and success from the demand came about. She decided that it was due to the Internet Marketing and Public Relations-type work executed within the company. She began on a journey to bring light back into her company. She began going full throttle, working with artists, Independently, and that had not been in the limelight for a while.

Through this journey, Jessica Abraham was brought into the path with one Xavier Ramseur. With him, she began engaging in a writing project for a subsidiary of Universal Music Group and Murphy Boyz Entertainment -- Sands Street Music. Sands Street is known as the home of Burn N Bush, formally “The Newton Twins,” who are known for work that they have done with multiple-award winning talents. Jessica was asked to promote five summer releases with the company. In doing so, a confirmation came across to Jessica that she was on the right path and headed in the right direction.

Simultaneously enrolled in Full Sail once again, this time getting her Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business (now also holding a Master of Science in Internet Marketing and Master of Fine Arts in Media Design, along with a Bachelor’s in Entertainment Business and Associate’s in Recording Arts), Jessica N. Abraham took Shorty Produkshins and transformed it into a full blown Online Promotions Company.

Within the same year of working with Sands Street, she took on multiple other projects in the Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Orlando areas. Some of these businesses included Social Networks and Facebook Application Developers, like Others included International acts like, International Money (who at the time was signed to Konvict Music with a Development Deal). This same year, she began her work with Non Profit Organizations like The Atlanta Arts Stimulus Program, that was held at Georgia Tech, and that helped children from abusive homes and/or suffering from substance abuse find another way in life. This wasn’t even the beginning.

Jessica N. Abraham continued to go “full-throttle” in taking what she had learned over the years and meshing it with accumulated experiences, while relating it to the classroom -- and business in general. She has worked with Modelling Agencies, Athletes (including Boxer Rayco “War” Saunders), Personalities, Artists, Labels, a variety of Social Networks, a multitude of Events and Venues (often “packing house”), Clothing Companies and Boutiques, Stores, Festivals (such as an International DivaDance and Florida Music Festival 2010 and 2011 -- Sponsoring the FMF in 2010 and DivaDance in 2013), Causes and Charities, Small Businesses and Organizations, and the list continues!

Building her flagship location up in Orlando, FL, she also has large followings and multiple clients in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Las Vegas and California. Yet, she continues to “service the World” through her company’s Online Promotions and Consultation products and Services.

In late 2011, Jessica N. Abraham began mapping out J. Abraham Consultants. J. Abraham Consultants is actually a company that operates 24/7 and provides Internet Marketing Consultation and Expertise via telephone platform! Calls are private and every new customer receives six free service dollars towards their call. Indirectly, this company shed curiosity on to other realms of Consultation lines, and in late 2012, Shorty Produkshins implemented Life and Business Coaching, as well as Relationship and Dating Advice into the “Master Plan.” All ventures have been working out very well for the company!

Over the years, Shorty Produkshins has tested the waters and experimented with multiple entities and product lines. This year, Shorty Produkshins tenth year (2013), we will see those entities and product lines actually manifest into the larger picture, providing unique servicing than those that sought to “clone” what was already designed by the company. These product lines will be released “bigger and badder” than before and be released every two weeks from the tenth-year anniversary of the company. While the story is not over, it has only began. Shorty Produkshins is set to conquer the World of Internet Marketing in the years to come!






Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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