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Facebook Announces NEW "Video for Instagram!" Tags: internet marketing event marketing brand social social branding live music Instagram facebook networking cross promotions sponsorships


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Today on a Livestream event, Facebook announced a new feature for Instagram. While it may not be new for Facebook itself, or any other programs (such as TwitVid for Twitter), Instagram’s new feature will make a huge difference for the brand itself. Facebook announces the implementation of video for cross platform usage.

In keeping Instagram to its tenets of “Simplicity,” “Beauty,” and “Community,” Instagram’s new structure was analyzed and prepared to meet the needs of the already 130 million monthly users of the Instagram product, especially for mobile usage. Instagram had to ensure that nothing changed, while implementing new options for the products new additions.


Simply by tapping a video icon, the video menu is open and ready for capture. The downfall is that only 15 seconds of video are allowed per clip and have to be pieced together for editing and render purposes. Each clip is able to be edited and/or re-recorded for the final copy. In addition to Instagram’s current filters, 13 new filters have been created and exclusive to video functionality on Instagram. Finally, video clips can determine what the preview thumbnail will be, very much unlike other video platforms.

Video productions will be “something you’re proud of” thanks to Instagram. Shaky and wobbly videos have been given the prescription they have always craved. Teaming with the best “video scientists” in the World, Instagram adds “Cinema” to your pocket. “Cinematic stablization for videos will change videos forever!”

In keeping with “fast, simple, and beautiful” content display, videos have been optimized for display directly in the news feed. Videos will play automatically once scrolled to. Videos will also show on your profile just as would photos. Auto playback will not execute while on the profile page, unlike the newsfeed feature.

From day one, all users on all mobile platforms will be able to use and access videos features. This means this feature will not be restricted to Android or iPhone capabilities. If you have Instagram, you will be able to use this feature automatically. Make sure you update your app within the device itself.

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